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1: Be active in the academy. That means consistently participate in CoG Events, Tournaments, and Arenas. If you are inactive without giving a reason, your account may be deleted/banned due to inactivity. 2: Do not spam. The following is considered as Spam: Must read: 2.1 - Posting messages with one word (wtf?, ok, etc) 2.2 - Posting things that have nothing to do with the topic. 2.3 - Double Posting without any need to do so. If you need to double post make sure it is 24 hours apart from your previous post. 2.4 - Necro Posting (Necro Posting is reviving a topic that has died for more than 1 month unless it is yours and you're bumping it with something useful) 2.5 - Usage of bad language (Don't try to act smart and type @$$ because it is still considered a bad language) & so is the misspelling of a swear word. 2.6 - Posting adult (18+) content. 2.7 - Using another language in your posts. This forum is an English only forum. 3 ) Show RESPECT to Staff AND Members. If you have a complaint, PM it to an Admin . 4 ) No mini-modding. Please let the moderators do their job, mini-modding will ruin your chances of ever becoming staff. 5) NO advertising, anybody caught advertising will be banned on sight. 6) Please keep the signatures to a humane size. If your signature is too large, you will be messaged by a staff member pertaining the matter, and you will have 24 hours after said notification to alter your signature or else a warning will be given and your signature deleted. Breaking the rules we will result in a Warning: 1st Warning: Nothing Happens. 2nd Warning: Ban for 24 hours 3rd Warning: Ban for 3 days and your DP will be halved 4th Warning: Permanent BAN


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